Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why invest in Indian Contemporary art ? Part 1

The moment someone recommends that you invest in Indian contemporary art, is your response any of the following......

  • I don't understand art or valuation of art, I have no idea what to buy, how to buy and generally I think people are crazy to be paying 1-50 lacs for a painting !
  • It is safer to invest in shares of companies you understand(This has really changed in the last few days as no one really saw this massive crash coming !), Gold, Fixed deposits,Real Estate or other easy to understand assets
  • I don't know how to buy, research or sell a painting, the appreciation that people talk about or I read in the Economic times or magazines, is it for real ?
  • Too complicated for me, I can enjoy a nice painting but it cannot be an asset class on its own, who buys art ?

Well, then welcome to this blog where I will take each of these questions and share the responses with you threadbare !

Think about all the responses to the questions or comments mentioned above before you jump to the next blog post,your learning in how to invest in Indian contemporary art has begun !


Kapil Chopra

1 comment:

Disha said...

My response was in affirmation to most of your aforementioned points.I would like to look at art as an investment,just don't know where to start as there seems to be an inexhaustible pool of information about artists and their works.And frankly speaking with no art background it's easy for a layman's mind to go into a complete frenzy with so much info!!
Your blog seems to be addressing these doubts.
waiting for more updates!!