Sunday, October 26, 2008

Welcome to the magical world of Indian art !

Welcome to the magical world of Indian art !

The financial markets all over the world are in a tailspin and all I read nowadays are warning bells for the Indian contemporary and modern art market, so why start a blog at this time ?!

This blog is for all those people who are just getting in to invest in Indian art, this blog will take you through all the pitfalls and how you can prosper from this asset class.Also after understanding the basics of investing in 15 days, you have to promise to read and I will guide you through this journey which I after tireless reading discovered gave me the knowledge to beat more than 95 % of the galleries, collectors and advisors as they all had a vested interest. This blog salutes the Indian investor and as Khushwant Singh says has "Malice towards one and all" especially if you are a gallery,artist or an art advisor. This blog will help you in......

  1. Understanding the Indian art market without the usual long drawn out notes on art history and our glorious culture, yes we all know that so no point in repeating it.
  2. Valuation of art- How are artworks of Indian artists valued and what is the pricing logic, I will use my extensive experience in stock markets and other asset classes to guide you as to how I made an enviable art portfolio in less than 18 months and how to avoid the sharks ! I say sharks because there is no price transparency in this market and half the guys who will say that art is all about the aesthetics, yes it is but its all about the money, honey !
  3. This blog will tell you on how to invest in art even if you have a budget of Rs.10,000 and how that can appreciate in the 2-5 year time frame where you enjoy the work on your wall and it grows in the financial space also giving better returns than stocks, Real estate and other asset classes.
  4. Also, if you ever ask us a buying question, we promise to give you a real insider view on whats happening in the art world and guide you.
  5. Views on current art shows,artists to buy and also Galleries and curators to look out for in this journey, also artists never to buy, how to avoid art shows organised by private banks and wealth management divisions and protect your capital.

Happy Reading and join me on this wonderful journey, do post in your comments and if I say something that you don't agree with , I appreciate your views so nothing personal !


Kapil Chopra


Leepakshi said...

What a lovely and refreshing article ! I love your frank and honest attempt in the art world. Congratulations !

Disha said...

very promising note from an independant voice that is not influenced by any particular gallery or artist but is speaking from sheer experience.
look forward to getting some honest and comprehensive tips.
thank you

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely fantastic. Look forward to more valuable inputs.

Best Regards